Friday, March 15, 2013

Say Cheese Front Porch Friday

Say Cheese ...and How Did She Get That Color??!!
I had such a great time creating from this kit. Here is a photo of the design board so you can see all the great products for you to design with. My favorites are the grunge camera, word balloon and pattern paper and I loved how the letter thickers looked smashed into the SnowTex.
Ohhh and the FABRICS!!
For the post today I thought I would share a funny story about the camera on the front of
"A Day in the Life of Me" minibook.
I am not sure what the issue is with me and FPK's and multiple layers of product...
My original inspiration was this flower from theTim Holtz blog
I thought it would be really cool to have a funky camera.  I started off with paint dabbers of various colors.  It just seemed too bright - so I added some Vintage Photo Disress ink - now it just looked dirty.  Decided to change course - I painted over the camera with some Expresso Metallic paint - too flat.  Next sanded that hoping for a varigated look - that didn't look right so I added some Distress ink .Still not the look I wanted.  Nope - hated it. I thought maybe I should just start over - but I didn't have the die at home and my project was due the next day.
Clean it all off - Ok lets try Windex.  Yep grabbed a towel and scrubbed away. There was some paint that stayed on which was fine. Boy Grunge Board can really take a beating.  I finally decided on Verday paint.  If you are not familar this a product from Ten Second Studios.  You apply the paint and then spray with an activator that starts the patina process.  Check the Little Blue House website for classes on how to use this product. Sanded it an then used some Vintage Photo and Black Soot Distress ink.
I finally like it!!!
So the next time you see a project and wonder how they got that color....
you can smile knowing there might be more to the story!!

I hope you enjoyed my paint story. There a few Front Porch Kits available.  Check out the online gallery for some creative inspiration.
To purchase call the Little Blue House at 817-431-7930 or shop online
Also check out the other designers blogs.
Here is a list
Tracy Pounds
Leslie Ashe
Lynette Chiles
Rhonda Merry
I hope you have a Happy St. Patrick's Day.  Have fun when you are creating - remember what appears initially to be a disaster could turn out to be creative genius in the long run!!



  1. Oh wow!! Your efforts really paid off!! Your album and camera is just stunning!! TFS your process!! :)

  2. U make me laugh!!! It's funny the mystery layers that sometimes go into our projects! Thanks for sharing the ingredients for your grungeboard camera! The end result is fabulous!!!

  3. That makes me laugh everytime. (Partly because I have done something similar on stuff) The camera does look super fantastic.

  4. You crack me up! Always a back story! Love the finished camera.

  5. OMG- it looks just like a rusty old piece of metal! very cool!