Friday, November 16, 2012

The Little Blue House Twelve Days of Ornaments: Day 6

Welcome back - We are half way through the twelve days. I hope you have been creating along with us. This ornament will look great on your tree or you could also use as a tag on a gift. The ornament is a ticket with a clear window with a beautiful reindeer and tree.
Here are the supplies you will need.
1 sheet of chipboard
Printed paper for back of ticket
6"x 6" double sided printed papr for tree
Several shades of green cardstock and dark brown cardstock
2 small jingle bells
4 5/8" x 3 1/8" piece of acrylic
Script Stamp
Gold Halo Glitter
White and Bleached Sand acrylic pint
Glossy Accents
Diamond and Rock Candy Stickles
Cristal Craft Twinkle Glaze
Pinecone and Twig Distress Ink and blending tool
6" piece of ribbon for hanger
36" piece of gold thread & 2" piece of gold trim
Mini 8 Craft Punch
Tim Holtz Reindeer Flight Die and Pinecone Die
Embossing Folder & Cuttlebug
Pop Dots
Bronze & Brass Distress Stain
First cut a 3 1/2"ticket from chipboard - I used Fabulous Finds Cricut cartridge. Also cut a 1 1/4" star. You will also need to cut printed paper for the back of the ticket. Die cut reindeer from chip board.
Paint star, reindeer and ticket with Bleached Sand Paint.
After paint is dry apply metallic stains. Gold to the Star and ticket and Bronze to the reindeer.
Apply Glossy accents to the star and coat with glitter. Put a light coat of paint on the stamp and stamp on the reindeer. Let Dry.
Using the Mini 8 Punch from WR Memory Keepers punch the 6x6 paper into a circle. You can also use any 6" decorative circle. Ink the paper on both sides - I used Peeled Paint and Pine Needle. Also ink over the stamp on the reindeer and the edges of the ticket. You can see how the ink transforms the paper.
Cut the circle in half. The first fold is abot a third of the way up the straight edge.
Now fold that piece back to straight edge to form a cone shape.
Fold the large piece back so straight edges match up and you have a tree shape.
Paint the Cristal Twinkle Glaze onto the front of the tree.
Add the glitter star to the top of the tree. Apply trim to the reindeer neck. Make bow from gold thread. Thread jingle bells onto piece of thread and tie around center of bow.
Die cut 2 pinecones and 5 pieces of greenery from die. Also cut out 3 holly leaves. You can use a die , Cricut or free hand these. Ink Greenery with Pine Needle ink and a little Twig ink. Form pinecones. If you have not used this die there is a video on the Tim Holtz blog or YouTube that tells you how to make them. Apply a little white paint to the edges to look like snow.
Emboss the acrylic and attach to the back of the chip board ticket. Place the printed paper ticket over the top of the acrylic. Apply Diamond stickes to the embossed area.

Glue the ribbon hanger to the top center of ticket.
Attach reindeer with pop dot. Glue tree in place. Glue greenery and pinecones in place

Here is another picture of the finished tag.
I hope you enjoyed making this ornament. Make sure to leave a comment because we are going to be giving one away. Question of the day- are you a neat crafter or a messy crafter? Here is what my counter looked like as I was making this ornament - you can tell how I would answer the question.
Stop by the Little Blue House and see all the pretty ornamentson on the tree.
You can purchase most of the supplies from the LBH.
I will be headed to Arkansas for Thanksgiving week so I want to wish you all
Happy Thanksgiving
Keep Creating

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 3

Here is a picture of the two ornaments I created.
I used a paper mache ornament and fabulous Washi Paper.
Both are in stock at the Little Blue House.
Here are all the beautiful colors of Washi Paper.
Supplies you will need to create this ornament.
Paper Mache Ornament
Washi Paper
Glossy Accents or Diamond Glaze
Glitter - I used Halo Glitter (available at LBH)
Bling for center
Ribbon -about a yard of two colors
Hot Glue or Tacky Glue
Copy Paper
First paint the ornament and after it is dry pull out the hanger. It is best to use white paint as the Washi paper is translucent and if the paint color is too dark the pattern is muted.
Next take a about a 4" square of copy paper and press it onto one of the sections of the ornament. I outlined the fold marks so it would be easier for you to see. Cut out the section- you will use this as a template.
This is what your template should look like.
Trace the template twelve times onto the back of the Washi paper. If you place them like the picture below it takes less time to cut them out and you will maximize your Washi paper.
Cut out the pieces. Oops I am missing one - there should be twelve.
Peel the backing off the Washi paper and place onto the ornament.
Start from the center and work out.
Cut a small slit as shown below and press onto ornament. The paper is so flexible you don't have to worry about it creasing and if it does it flattens out great. Try not to have the paper overlap too much as it clouds the pattern. Also these ornaments are not perfectly symmetrical so you may have to trim a little off some of the pieces.
Cover the entire ornament on both sides
Now for the FABULOUS FUN - Apply Glossy Accents on the edges of the ornament and apply Halo Glitter. I wish the pictures could show how GLITTERY GORGEOUS it is .Let the first side dry and then apply to the back. Tap off excess glitter. I went into the garage and blew off additional excess. You can also use a paint brush to brush away excess once the glossy is dry.

I used hot glue to add center embellishment. Make a bow and hanger out of the ribbon and attach with glue gun. On this one I used a felt Flower with a gem in the center.
On this ornament I used one of the metal flowers from Momenta (available at LBH).

Please give this Washi Tape a try. You will really love it. To win one one of these ornaments post a comment and tell me what is the first ornament you put on your tree each year and why it is so special. The first one we put on is the very first ornament we bought as a couple. We bought it at The Christmas Place in Ft Lauderdale. The store was owned by Lynn Howell and she had a parking place that was labeled "Mrs. Howell" - when I went to the store if she wasn't there I would park in the spot - Figured, Hey it has my name on it!!
I hope you have a Blessed Holiday Season.
Stop by and see all the beautiful ornaments and Christmas projects we have created.