Monday, February 13, 2012

GREAT NEWS and Gft Idea

Hi bloggers...First the GREAT NEWS!! My son Jonathan got a full time job today - he graduated from Michgan State in 2010 and well it's been tough out there...but today a real career job. We are so EXCITED for him!
Hope all is well. We had a fabulous time at CHA. So much inspiration and oh so much to see. Now that we are home we are back in the swing of things at the Little Blue House. Check out our sight for class projects. I am still working on my decluttering and organizational well as
"Get Those Lingering Projects Done" effort.
So here it is. Laura one of our customers at the LBH brought this cute bag in and I fell in love with it. She had decorated hers with shabby chic flowers. It was oh so cute. The bag is from Hobby Lobby and is only like $6.99 regular price and if you use your coupon - 40% off...Yea!! They come in a couple of colors - cream and khaki and various patterns...dots, animal and swirls. I purchased a bunch before Christmas and gave them as gifts. I made flowers in the perso's favorite color and attached them on pin backs. I purchased two like this for my daughter Kristen and her roommate Shirley - they didn't get done for Christmas but hey-- a Valentine present- -They go to the University of Arkansas so I thought the black and white animal print and then red flowers (red/black/white - school colors)As Kristen and Shirl would say -PERF!!

The flowers are really easy to make. They all take about a yard of ribbon - the amount of ribbon will determine the size of the flower
Flower #1 was made with this beautiful pleated velvet ribbon from May Arts.

The gorgeous flower it makes

I started with a felt circle about 2 inches in diameter and placed a blob of Helmar tacky glue in the center. Place end of ribbon in the glue and gradually start winding around in a circle. It's good to add a small amount of glue as you go araound in the circle. It helps hold it in place.
Keep going...
When you get to the end put a little glue on the ribbon tail and tuck under the edge.

I took a rubberband and squished (highly technical term) the flower together until the glue was dry.

Flower #2 - A crepe ribbon rose
Again start with a 2" felt circle

You will tie a not at the end of the ribbon. Place that in the center of the circle on a blob of glue. I love love the Helmar 450 tacky glue because it grabs so quickly. Start wrapping around the center.
As you wrap the ribbon gently and loosely flip it - don't twist- this will add volume. Continue until you reach the end. Tuck end of ribbon under the edge of the flower.

Flower #3 a Beuatiful Gathered Tulle Flower
Start with that 2" circle of felt and this time start on the outside edge. Place a small amount of glue on felt and stick gathered tulle ribbon down
In order to give this flower some weight go around the outside edge twice
Then contine wrapping to the middle. Don't worry too much about how the center looks we are going to hide it with an embellishment
I used a black and white brad that I had in my stash. A gem or button would work as well
Ta Daaa...all of the flowers were attached to pin backs and then I pinned them on the purse. That way you can wear the flowers too.   As the girls would say -GORG- a reward a hug from my kitty Lily!! She was absolutely no help in this process...she wanted to play with the ribbon as I made the flowers. Cat slobber on a gift is not a plus.
A quick tidbit - I came downstairs the other day with glitter on my face  nothing new here - my dh said you have your "Happy Dust" on your face - he's right...GLITTER MAKES ME HAPPY
I hope you have a happy time crafting