Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tacky Tie Challenge

So here is the the Totally Tacky Tie that I received.  You have to love the Christmas Trees.  I thought and thought about what to do with this beauty.  As stated in my Facebook Post this morning my first attempt was a major "craft fail"!!  I wanted to decoupage a frame to use with a Christmas picture...but contrary to some things I have read online my first attempt was just not pretty - the Mod Podge just darkened the tie and it looked blotchy.  Thank goodness I used one of Dan's old ties to practice with.  Then I was in the shower - I do some of my best thinking here - and it came to me.  I had saved this tutorial on a "Prickly Posie " flower and I thought my tie would be perfect. By the way the complete tutorial can be found at Freckles and Fun.
They did a fabulous job on the instructions.  
First I cut my tie open and I was amazed at the inside pattern
The pattern is completely different from what I expected  - so always check you might have a great creative surprise waiting for you.  I cut 25 - 2" circles out of the tie.  
Perfect for a 1 1/2" pin base.  
The circles are folded and then snipped and this is what you end up with.
You squirt a little hot glue in the center and then pinch them into a little bundle.  
Start on the outer edge of the felt circle, place them around and around one row at a time.
This is the great flower you end up with.

 I was feeling rather festive so I decided to add a few jingle bells to complete the holiday theme.  This pretty flower can be used as a pin or attached to a canvas bag, or even used as a bow for a package.  
Thanks for stopping by.  Make sure you check out the other designers on The Little Blue House blog for their creative ideas.  


  1. It perfect and I love it..... :D

  2. A christmas tie, hehe. The flower does look pretty awesome though.

  3. I like it. I would have loved to see the failure too.

  4. Beautiful! I'll be checking the inside of my ties from now on!!!

  5. Oh, it's so cute! I think that would be adorable on a package!