Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sew FanTaStIc - Sew Artsy is HERE!!

The Little Blue House Front Porch kit is finally here.  You will so love this kit because it is SEW packed with wonderful items.  We all have been working to get our projects done - and they are amazing.  Before I share my sneeks I will share a few picks of my "magazine quality" ?? creative space - This is how and where I create -
OH MY - it looks worse if that is possible in a photo than it does in person-
Here's another - notice the TV remote control - just wanted you to see the size of the space on the table I end up working in -
Now that you have seen my creative CHAOS -
Here is a sneek of one of my projects -
Kits can be ordered May 15th.  Make sure you visit the Little Blue House blog and leave a comment.  You might be the lucky winner of a kit.
Check back tomorrow for some more sneeks.
Happy Crafting


  1. HAHAHAHAHA...OMG Elaine.

    (Mine gets lie that too):D

  2. Dan must be out of town right now...Hope he doesn't see this blog post :)

    Cute sneak peek!

  3. This is sewwww made for me!!! And Patti:-). Already ordered mine!!! What is one more thing to pack???

  4. OOOH!! You've been "sew" busy!! My room looks just like that, too!!