Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hot Glue and Alcohol Ink Tutorial

This is the technique I used on the June Front Porch Kit layout -
A Place in the Sun
It is for the blue wave pattern you see going across the two pages.  You will see below you can form the hot glue into any shape you wish.  
Craft mat that will hold up to hot glue - I used the Ranger mat
Hot glue gun
Ranger Alcohol Inks
Ranger Glossy Accents
Draw your shape on the craft mat or go freestyle

Squirt hot glue over the shape - I found this works on larger patterns but is difficult to control on finer details
Let the hot glue cool - this only takes a few minutes

Stem and leaf pattern

Flower pattern

Scroll pattern
Flourishy Pattern

Side view so you can see how much glue

Now dab with alohol inks

Peel from mat
Finished Product will be attached to project with Glossy Accents
Make sure you check out the great projects at The Little Blue House and check out the gallery and projects at Front Porch Kits and the new Front Porch Kits Blog.
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Have fun trying different shapes and post and let me know what magical glue designs you create.  The Howell family is heading north to Michigan for a Family and Friends Fourth of July.  Stay safe and God Bless the USA and our Troops


  1. Great tutorial Elaine and a fabulous technique!

  2. Well how cool is that.. I must share this with my peeps.... thanks Elaine.... :D

  3. I have a craft mat....woohoo!!! I learn something new everyday. I love this Eliane.

  4. You know this is a BRILLIANT idea right? :) so creative!!! Perhaps... I will finally open my hot glue gun still in package... ummm... FOUR years later?? LOL

  5. What a crafty lady you are! I love this idea, can't wait to try my hand at some designs.