Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Get It Together- Ribbon Organization

Okay now you can see what a mess I had with my ribbon.  It was stored in nice little floss boxes but then I had wider longer lengths and they wouldn't fit.  So I went to another type of ribbon box, baggies and the catch all basket.  Way too many places to look and storage space was becoming an issue.  So last week I converted to Tracy's method and I must say it is great.  Works on all ribbons, laces, twines and flosses.
It does take a little time but you can wind away while catching up on your favorite TV shows.



It looks so pretty and it is now so easy to pick the perfect ribbon for your projects.

As you can see my little Lily cat was worn out after all the winding...she thought it was play time. Now that you are organized stop by and see all the beautiful ribbons we just received at the LBH.

Whatever method works for you...try and take this step this week and we will see you back at The Little Blue House.


  1. Great way to organize that ribbon!

  2. I'm so glad I switched to this method too. You have way more ribbon than I do!

  3. I can't wait to try this!! I have one of the ribbon cases with all the holes in it but my ribbon tends to get tangled and won't come out the holes and the exposed ends of the ribbon start to fray.

  4. Oh Elaine...I don't feel so bad right now.... I am ot completely done with mine..but I know I have so much ribbon now....lol.... yours looks so lovely.. Great job